Outdoor California Articles about CDFW Lands

From Outdoor California Magazine (now retired)

Author(s) Article Pub. Year
Ronald D. Rogers Protecting and Managing Deer Winter Range at Antelope Valley Wildlife Area (PDF) 1999
Colleen Flannery Enjoy a Baldwin Lake Adventure (PDF) 2001
Kimberly McKee-Lewis,
Lora Martens
Boden Canyon Ecological Reserve Requires a Good Sense of Balance (PDF) 2001
Colleen Flannery On the Banks of Butte Creek (PDF) 2002
Kevin O'Connor Canebrake Ecological Reserve, The Emerald in The State's Golden Crown (PDF) 2001
Chamois Andersen Taking in a Slice of Nature: Visiting Cedar Roughs Wildlife Area (PDF) 2001
Ann Hennessey Crestridge Ecological Reserve Survives Vandalism With Help of Volunteers 2003
Eda C. Eggeman Dales Lake Ecological Reserve: Cornerstone of a New Vernal Pool Project (PDF) 1999
Mark Philipp Decker Island Wildlife Area: Enhancing Delta wetlands one phase at a time (PDF) 2005
Kari Lewis California's Ecological Reserves (PDF) 2001
Colleen Flannery Ecological Reserves: Special Protection for Special Places (PDF) 2001
Becky Christensen Dishing up Science and Stewardship at Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve (PDF) 2001
Becky Christensen Explore the Unseen Elkhorn Slough (PDF) 1999
John B. Cowan The Evolution of a Refuge into a Wildlife Area: The continuing saga of Gray Lodge (PDF) 1999
L.H. (Larry) Cloyd The Evolution of Waterfowl Refuges and the Early Years of the Gray Lodge Wildlife Area 2001
Robert Waldron Green Creek Wildlife Area (PDF) 2001
Sandy Bryson Burping the cutts: Spawning cutthroat trout at Heenan Lake (PDF) 2000
Dennis R. Becker Hill Slough Wildlife Area: Linked to the Past... Heading into the Future (PDF) 2001
Patrick Moore Imperial Wildlife Area and the Wister Unit - A Year-Round Display of Wonder and Wildlife Opportunities (PDF) 2001
Chamois Andersen Knoxville Wildlife Area, a Serpentine Haven (PDF) 2001
Robert J. Huddleston Mendota Wildlife Area: A Key Habitat in the San Joaquin Valley (PDF) 2001
Teresa LeBlanc Napa River Ecological Reserve: An Oasis in the Heart of the Wine Country (PDF) 2002
Tom Huffman The Napa-Sonoma Marshes: Then and Now (PDF) 1999
Larry Wyckoff When Wine Making Meets Wildlife, It Can Be A Beautiful Thing: The Napa-Sonoma Marsh (PDF) 2002
Eva Begley North Table Mountain: All of the Beauty, Majesty and Wonder of California (PDF) 2000
Kari Lewis California's Lands Managed for the Wildlife, Maintained for the Future (PDF) 2001
Patrick Moore Putting the Fire Back into Habitat Recovery and Maintenance (PDF) 2001
Kimberly McKee-Lewis San Felipe Valley Wildlife Area: A Wild Oasis in Southern California 2001
Colleen Flannery Santa Rosa Plateau: A Living Museum (PDF) 2001
R. Robert Smith The Greater Sandhill Cranes of Shasta Valley (PDF) 1999
Steve Cordes Upper Butte Basin Wildlife Area - A Worthy Excursion (PDF) 2001
Chamois Andersen Upper Newport Bay Ecological Reserve (PDF) 2001
Ann Hennessey Upper Newport Bay Ecological Reserve: A Jewel in an Urban Environment. (PDF) 2001
Tom Blankinship Waterfowling on Public Areas in California (PDF) 2000
Bob Garrison Watching Winter Waterfowl (PDF) 2000
Tom Blankinship State Wildlife Areas - Valuable Places for Wildlife and Visitors 1999
Greg Slusser Wildlife Areas, California's Little Known Treasure 2001
Peter J. Hayes Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area: Birth of a Wintering Waterfowl Wildland (PDF) 1999
Dave Feliz Yolo Fly By (PDF) 2004
Dave Feliz The Buzz about Managing Wetlands for West Nile virus on Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area (PDF) 2005

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