Waterfowl Hunting Opportunities for Mobility Impaired Hunters

Information and Eligibility

A number of State Wildlife Areas and National Wildlife Refuges have hunting blinds designated for use by mobility impaired hunters. A “mobility impaired hunter” is defined as any person who has been issued a Department of Motor Vehicles “Disabled License Plate”; “Permanent Parking Placard Identification Card”; “Disabled Veteran License Plate”; or valid “Mobility Impaired Disabled Persons Motor Vehicle Hunting License” (FG form 1460). The blue plastic “Disabled Parking Placard” may not be substituted for the required “Identification Card” which bears the name of the mobility impaired person. Disabled hunters must provide the registration certificate for DMV issued disabled license plates. Eligibility will be verified when you check in at the wildlife area.

How to Apply

Reservations for disabled accessible blind sites are issued by random drawing. Applications for reservations can be submitted online, at a CDFW license sales office or at CDFW license agent. When applying, be sure to select an application for mobility impaired hunts.

No-shows and refills will be filled through an on-site lottery draw or by a disabled only first-come, first-served waiting list or line. Disabled hunters, who enter the first-come, first-served waiting list or line, may not enter any other first-come, first-served list or line, on the wildlife area or refuge for that hunt day.

Blind Sites for Mobility Impaired Hunters

Wildlife Area / National Refuge Blinds Telephone Number
Delevan National Wildlife Refuge 3 (530) 934-2801
Gadwall Unit of North Grasslands Wildlife Area 1 (209) 827-6586
Gray Lodge Wildlife Area 4 (530) 846-7500
Grizzly Island Wildlife Area 2 (707) 425-3828
Kern National Wildlife Refuge 2 (661) 725-2767
Kesterson Unit of San Luis National Wildlife Refuge (209) 826-3508
Mendota Wildlife Area 7 (559) 655-4645
Merced National Wildlife Refuge 1 (209) 826-3508
Howard Slough Unit of Butte Basin Wildlife Area 2
(530) 982-2169
Little Dry Creek Unit of Butte Basin Wildlife Area 4
(530) 982-2169
Llano Seco Unit of Butte Basin Wildlife Area* 1 (530) 982-2169
Los Banos Wildlife Area 2 (209) 826-0463
Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge 2
(530) 934-2801
Salt Slough Unit of North Grasslands Wildlife Area 1 (209) 827-6586
San Jacinto Wildlife Area 2 (951) 928-0580
Wister Unit of Imperial Wildlife Area 4 (760) 359-0577
Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area (530) 757-2461

Areas with Disabled Access to Assigned Ponds

Wildlife Area / National Refuge Sites Telephone Number
Colusa National Wildlife Refuge** 2 (530) 934-2801
Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge 1 (530) 934-2801
Sutter National Wildlife Refuge
1 (530) 934-2801

*Reservations are not drawn for the mobility impaired hunt site at Llano Seco Unit. Apply for the local lottery at the check station prior to 4:30AM.

**Boat required for wheelchair access to one of the available ponds at Colusa NWR.

Waterfowl hunting areas are subject to closures due to reduced water availability and to seasonal flooding. Details regarding current conditions and facilities at each location can be obtained by phoning the wildlife area.

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