A Guide to the Artificial Reefs of Southern California

Introduction and Acknowledgements

Cover of printed version of guide

This Internet resource is a modified version of A Guide to the Artificial Reefs of Southern California (1989), by Robin D. Lewis and Kimberly K. McKee, with the Nearshore Sportfish Habitat Enhancement Program. The guide was updated by Dennis Bedford in 2001.

This booklet was a group effort of the Nearshore Sportfish Habitat Enhancement Program staff. Kenneth C. Wilson perceived the need for the original booklet in 1989. Some relocating and mapping operations were conducted by Ecosystems Management Associates, Inc., under contract with CDFW. Norma C. Smallbone produced the graphics and cover design under an impossible deadline. John J. Grant wrote the original 1989 text, which accompanies these figures and diagrams, most of which remains intact in the 2001 update. Relocation of reefs and recording with differentially corrected GPS was done with the assistance of Greg Walls, Juan Hernandez and Jerry Kashiwada, all members of the NSHEP staff. Herb Frey contributed guidance and editorial assistance. Credit is also due to our secretarial staff who responded to our last minute requests.

Cover design, maps and layout by Norma C. Smallbone.


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