Species Raised at Silverado

sterile Chinooke salmon eggs
Sterile (PDF) Chinook salmon eggs are raised at Silverado Fisheries Base for recreational angling in landlocked, inland lakes

Chinook salmon - Chinook salmon have seventeen distinctive runs in California. These runs vary in many ways, and are categorized into 6 Evolutionarily Significant Units. Some units have been listed as threatened species. All Chinook raised at Silverado have been sterilized by means of pressure-induced triploidy (PDF) and therefore cannot reproduce. These sterile Chinook are used to plant landlocked, inland waters that have been approved to receive this fish for recreational purposes.

Eagle Lake Trout- Known for its resistance to highly alkaline waters, the Eagle Lake trout is a native to Eagle Lake and its Pine Creek tributary.

Kokanee - The common name for a land locked Sockeye Salmon. During spawning these fish take on deep red hue.

Rainbow Trout - This popular fish, native to the tributaries of the Pacific Ocean in North American and Asia, can now be found all over the world. Farmed as food in many areas, it can now be found worldwide for recreational angling and as a food source. Rainbow trout are a premier fish desired by anglers for recreational fishing in California. Rainbow trout are provided for recreational angling are now sterile triploid (PDF).

Angler holding the catch of the day - Rainbow Trout
Rainbow Trout