Mount Whitney Hatchery

Mount Whitney Hatchery has been closed for hatchery use. Visitation for some areas is permitted.

The hatchery, which is located in Inyo County, and the surrounding area were severely damaged in 2008 when heavy rains pounded the already fire damaged Oak Creek watershed. This triggered a massive debris flow that killed all the rainbow trout, destroyed four buildings and buried the fish rearing ponds.

The hatchery site is located on an alluvial fan or natural mud flow out of the Sierra and thus is prone to such events. Due to the high amounts of loose sediment still in large stretches of the creeks, CDFW geologists advised against reconnecting the hatchery's fish rearing water source. Restoration of the watershed may take several years to complete and until that time, Oak Creek is susceptible to reoccurrence of flooding. Several alternatives for stabilizing the area are under consideration, but definitive plans have yet to be approved.

CDFW remains committed to trout stocking goals in the Eastern Sierra. No disruption to CDFW's stocking program in the Eastern Sierra is anticipated. Nearby Black Rock Hatchery, where fish production takes place for the Eastern Sierra, was not damaged and continues to stock fish on a regular basis.

Mt Whitney Hatchery circa 1922
Mt Whitney Hatchery circa 1922

Visitor Information


Thursday - Monday 10:00 a.m - 3:30 p.m

Phone Number

(707) 876-4128


P.O. Box 193 Independence, CA 93526


On Highway 395 about 2 miles north of Independence; turn west at sign, go about 1 mile to hatchery in Inyo County. MAP

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Mount Whitney Hatchery Building

P.O. Box 193, Independence, CA 93526
Phone (707) 876-4128

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    Due to devastating mud slides in 2008, Mount Whitney Fish Hatchery is not an active hatchery in the California Department of Fish and Wildlife hatchery system.
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