Species Raised at Mokelumne River

Chinook - Chinook salmon have seventeen distinctive runs in California. These runs vary in many ways, and are categorized into 6 Evolutionarily Significant Units. Some units have been listed as threatened species. Fall-run Chinook salmon from the Mokelumne River are spawned and reared at the Mokelumne River Hatchery.

Worker holding fish

Fish on a sorting table


Chinook samon for spawning

Steelhead Trout - An anadromous form of the rainbow trout, steelhead go to the ocean for one or more years and then return to spawn upstream similar to a salmon. They differ from salmon in that a steelhead may spawn and return to the ocean, and then spawn again in another year.

When to see Chinook Salmon Spawning
Mid-October to late December

When to see Steelhead Trout Spawning
December to March