Fish Species Raised at Mad River Hatchery

Angler with Steelhead sitting on the edge of river8
Happy Angeler With Steelhead

Steelhead Trout - are an anadromous form of rainbow trout. These fish return from the ocean after a few years to spawn in rivers and creeks similar to a salmon. They differ from salmon in that a steelhead may spawn and return to the ocean more than once.

Chinook Salmon - Mad River Hatchery hatches and rears triploid (PDF) Chinook salmon for distribution to approved, land-locked (inland) lakes for recreational anglers in California.

Rainbow Trout - This popular fish, native to the tributaries of the Pacific Ocean in North American and Asia, can now be found all over the world. Farmed as food in many areas, it can now be found worldwide for recreational angling and as a food source. Rainbow trout are a premier fish desired by anglers for recreational fishing in California. Rainbow trout are provided for recreational angling are now sterile triploid (PDF).