Fish Springs Trout Hatchery

Near the town of Big Pine in Inyo County of the Eastern Sierra, Fish Springs Hatchery is a major producer of trout for the excellent fishing in nearby waters. Tule elk can often be viewed in the area, in addition to mule deer and myriad other wildlife.

Visitor Information

Location: 215 Fish Springs Road, Big Pine, CA 93513

Hours: Open 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Contact: (760) 938-2242,, PO Box 910, Big Pine, CA 93513

Directions: 3 miles south of town of Big Pine, take Fish Springs Road west. MAP(opens in new tab)

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aerial view of buildings and raceway ponds
Fish Springs Hatchery © Google Earth
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Illustrated Map of Fish Springs Hatchery

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map showing 40 fish stocking locations in Mono County - click to enlarge in new window
Fish Springs Hatchery Stocking Map

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