Mitigation Credit Agreements (MCAs)

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MCA Overview

A Mitigation Credit Agreement is a flexible, advance mitigation crediting mechanism that can only be developed within an approved Regional Conservation Investment Strategy (RCIS) boundary. Any individual or entity may develop an MCA as an MCA Sponsor. In order to create mitigation credits an MCA must implement one or more conservation or habitat enhancement actions described in the RCIS. The projected ecological improvements can create credits for a variety of targeted species, habitats, and/or other sensitive resources. The MCA Sponsor can use MCA credits to offset their own project impacts, or they can sell their excess credits to other entities that need mitigation. MCAs can generate credits that will mitigate for both permanent or temporary impacts and can be established on either private or public lands. Permanent credits must ensure the permanent protection of land. Non-permanent credits (for temporary impacts) may be possible when the associated land is protected for a set duration of time. If desired, MCA credits may be labeled, or designated, so they may be used by other local, state or federal agencies that need specific credit types specified in their permits. In order to create credits that can be used by multiple agencies the sponsor should coordinate with those entities early in the MCA development process. All MCA credits will be tracked as they are used and/or sold. All credit transactions and record keeping will be maintained on CDFW’s website.

MCA Resources

The following templates, checklists, and websites relate to MCAs.

*Please note, these documents need manual replacing of the word “bank” with “MCA”, and replacing “BEI” with “MCA” in the referenced templates.

MCAs In Development

As MCAs are submitted they will be included in a table below.

Program Contact

For more information on RCAs, RCISs, and MCAs, or to receive Program notifications, contact the RCIS Program Team at

Habitat Conservation Planning Branch
1010 Riverside Parkway, West Sacramento, CA 95605
Mailing: P.O. Box 944209, Sacramento, CA 94244-2090