Mountain Lion Depredation Statistics Summary

Pursuant to California Fish and Game Code Section 4802, the Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) shall, upon request, issue depredation permits to individuals reporting livestock loss or property damage caused by mountain lions, if the CDFW confirms the depredation has been caused by mountain lions. A permittee is required to report take or no take upon expiration or fulfillment of the permit. CDFW maintains table summaries of the annual number of issued mountain lion depredation permits and the resultant take as reported to CDFW.


  • Data may be subject to change as new information becomes available.
  • These data represent the least number of permits issued to take a mountain lion and the least number of mountain lions taken under depredation permits in a given county in a given year. Temporal and/or geographic inconsistencies in reporting may make the data unreliable for identifying trends or making geographical comparisons without the application of a peer-approved scientific model that accounts for inconsistencies in reporting.
  • In some years, more lions were reported as taken than number of depredation permits issued. This may be due, but not limited, to inaccuracies in reporting. Additionally, multiple mountain lions could be taken on a single permit prior to 2013.
  • Depredation permits issued where the name of the county is not entered or legible are recorded as “Unknown County”.
  • Between 2016 and 2017, CDFW migrated all depredation permits to an electronic system.
  • Prior to 2018, the word “taken” is equivalent to “killed”. Since 2019, depredation permits which only authorize non-lethal methods under the new CDFW mountain lion depredation policy will be indicated separately in the table.