Wildlife Rehab in Action

Wildlife rehabilitation requires years of experience to properly care for and treat wildlife that are sick, injured, or orphaned. Many permitted wildlife rehabilitators in California belong to one or more professional organizations that promote professionalism in the field of wildlife rehabilitation. These organizations operate on the state, national, and international level.

Annual Snapshot

Every year thousands of wildlife are treated in California at one of the many permitted wildlife rehabilitation facilities. These facilities operate year-round to provide this service to assist sick, injured, or orphaned wildlife. 

Voluntary Tax Fund Grant

Funding for this competitive grant program is provided from the Native California Wildlife Rehabilitation Voluntary Tax Contribution Fund pursuant Fish and Game Code Section 1773(opens in new tab). These grants distribute much needed funds to wildlife rehabilitators to support activities such as veterinarian treatment, animal care, facility maintenance and conservation education. California’s wildlife rehabilitators need your help more than ever. As non-profit entities, these facilities operate with limited resources. By donating to the Native California Wildlife Rehabilitation Voluntary Tax Contribution Fund you will help support quality practices in the rehabilitation of wildlife statewide.

Wildlife Rehabilitation Newsroom

If you are interested in stories about wildlife rehabilitation facilities and the animals they provided care and treatment for, see below.

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