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Huckleberry Hill Farm

Proudly owned and operated by John Casali, link opens in new windowHuckleberry Hill Farms is located in the heart of southern Humboldt County.

Casali has taken several steps to ensure he is working with the surrounding ecology through a variety fish friendly cultivation practices. His property is surrounded by two sensitive watersheds with salmon spawning habitat. Although he could use water from the tributaries, he chooses to use two of three rainwater catchment ponds as his sole water source, leaving the salmon habitat untouched.

John’s advice to those entering the legal market: "Be patient and remember nothing worthwhile is easy. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. There are plenty of people in the community that want to see us traditional growers succeed."

Sunboldt Grown

Sunshine Johnston is the owner operator of link opens in new windowSunboldt Farms in Redcrest, California. Raised in Southern Humboldt by activists in a community of cannabis growers, she took care of her family’s cannabis crop while her mother fought to preserve ancient redwoods.

What is unique and inspiring about Sunshine’s approach to cannabis cultivation is that she employs dry farming. This technique uses very little or no water on non-irrigated land that relies on moisture-conserving tillage. Proper preparation of the surface allows for water to be pulled up through the soil. This environmentally friendly approach to farming cannabis allows her to get the best expression from her plants and produce some of the finest craft Indica on the market.

Sunshine is also the co-host of the cannabis hour on link opens in new windowKMUD radio, which covers an array of topics on the cannabis industry including regulations, the environment, consultants, manufacturing and more. You can listen in on Monday afternoons at 5:00 pm.

Watch the Cannabis Permitting Webinar (11/12/2019)

link opens in new windowLearn about research being done on cannabis and the environment by the UC Berkeley Cannabis Research Center and how you can be involved!