Request for Eggs Application

  •  NOTE: All fields highlighted in red (as well as the Applicant's signature field) are required.

  • By signing and submitting this form, I confirm I have read and agree to the following conditions:

    1. Only the applicant on this form is authorized to acquire and incubate the eggs or fish.
    2. No eggs or fish acquired may be possessed, transferred, released, or otherwise disposed of except as authorized by this form. Fish shall be released only at the location(s) authorized.
    3. Authorization Form - This authorization form shall remain with the eggs or fish at all times. The authorization form must be posted in a visible location on or next to the incubation unit and accompany the eggs and fish during transport.
    4. After release – The applicant must complete an online report to CDFW within 14 days of release of the fish or after the last fish dies.
    5. Aquarium – Only an aquarium sterilized to CDFW specifications (PDF) and dedicated for CAEP fish may be used. No other animals or plants allowed in aquarium at any time.
    6. Rocks - Use uncoated gravel sanitized according to CDFW protocols (PDF). Do not collect materials such as sticks or plants from a stream or lake for use in CAEP aquarium.
    7. Water - Use non-chlorinated water. Do not use distilled water, stream, or lake water. Do not add chemicals or medication.
    8. Eggs and fish – eggs and fish shall remain the property of the State and decisions on final disposition remain solely with CDFW. Do NOT release deformed or diseased fish, contact CDFW coordinator for instructions.
    9. Permittee - teacher will devote a minimum of 10 hours facilitating the CAEP project; this includes equipment preparation and maintenance, teaching time, care of fish, and fish release (and excludes program training workshop).

    The following require CDFW approval:

    1. Changing the release location or any changes after application is approved
    2. Holding fish beyond the approved release date.

    A violation of the above requirements may result in immediate and permanent dismissal from the program.

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