Service Based Budgeting

Directed by the Legislature, driven by our strategic visioning efforts, and building upon our recent budget evaluation work, CDFW is conducting a comprehensive Service Based Budgeting (SBB) review.

The Service Based Budgeting Project at CDFW

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SBB is a budgeting approach that identifies the tasks needed to accomplish the Department’s mission. This review will help inform the future budget based on staff time needed to complete these tasks. The SBB approach is task-based, labor-focused, and organized by CDFW’s services to the public.

The SBB project is governed by a team of CDFW executive leaders and is a collaborative effort of managers and employees from across the Department working alongside independent consultants.

The SBB project is a long-term effort running through 2021, when the Service Based Budget Review Report is due to the Legislature. As milestones are accomplished, internal and external stakeholders will be kept informed.

Legislative Updates

Fish and Game Code section 712.1 directs CDFW to report the status of its SBB activities to relevant budget and policy committees of the Legislature

Informational Resources

Project Phase Updates

For additional project updates, see the External Advisory Committee section below.

See the Progress

External Advisory Committee Meetings (Open to the Public)

External Advisory Committee meetings are open to the public and agendas are posted to this website 10 days in advance of a meeting. To sign up for meeting notices regarding the SBB project, contact

February 1, 2021, EAC Meeting Materials

January 8, 2021, EAC Meeting Materials

May 1, 2020, EAC Email Update

November 20, 2019 EAC Meeting Materials

June 26, 2019 EAC Meeting Materials

April 8, 2019 EAC Meeting Materials

Questions and Feedback

Please contact the Department at with questions or feedback related to the SBB project.