Disability Advisory Committee (DAC)

CDFW's DAC advises the department's director on issues of concern to employees with disabilities. All employees are invited to serve on the DAC.

OCTOBER is link opens in new windowNational Disability Employment Awareness Month

Upcoming Meetings

  • November 18, 2020


Committee Members

Division / Region / Branch Name
Voting Members
Wildlife and Fisheries Division Brad Burkholder - Chairperson*
Human Resources Branch Monique Jones
Law Enforcement Division Angela Brewer
Data and Technology Division Sandra Hill
Admin Division / License Revenue Branch Nadya Swanson
Office of Spill Prevention and Response Bernadette Fees
Region 1 - Northern Robert Hawkins - Secretary
Region 2 - North Central Julie Langley
Region 3 - Bay Delta Mitsuko Grube
Region 4 - Central Kathy Quick
Region 5 - Southern Coast Lindsey Malinowski
Region 6 - Inland Deserts Steve Parmenter
Region 7 - Marine Rosalyn McFarland 
Region 7 - Marine Andre (Andrew) Klein - Vice Chair
Fish and Game Commission Jon Snellstrom
Wildlife Conservation Board Heather Conn
Non-voting Members
Equal Employment Opportunity Office Liaison Rena Cordova
Office of General Counsel Julian Garcia
Organizational Development Branch Erin Spencer

*The Chairperson only has a vote when there is a tie.