CWHP Public Outreach

Comprehensive Wetland Habitat Program

Various educational endeavors are performed by CWHP staff to increase public awareness of wetlands and the roles of wetland restoration and management. CWHP staff have conducted or assisted in the following activities or projects:

  • The development of a portable wetland display for the Effie Yeaw Nature Center in Sacramento.
  • Publication of the Wildlife Friendly Farming brochure designed to inform farmers of the many things they can do as part of their farming operations which would improve wildlife habitat conditions on their farms.
  • Publication of A Guide to Wetland Habitat Management in the Central Valley. This document is designed to assist public and private landowners in managing season and semi-permanent wetland habitats for waterfowl and other wetland-dependent species.
  • Publication of A Technical Guide to Best Management Practices for Mosquito Control in Managed Wetlands. This guide was developed to help wetland managers reduce mosquitoes though habitat-based practices such as water management and vegetation control.
  • CWHP staff have performed wetland habitat seminars throughout the Central Valley at landowner workshops, professional meetings, and public meetings.
five men by Widgeon Gun Club building
CWHP staff meeting with landowners at the Widgeon Duck Club in Kern County.

Contact Information

Brian Olson
Wetland Conservation Program (WCP)
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Mailing address: P.O. Box 944029, Sacramento, CA 94244-2090