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Comprehensive Wetland Habitat Program

Support Funds for Wetland Wildlife Areas

The Comprehensive Wetland Habitat Program (CWHP) administers $1.5 million in support funds to CDFW's 14 major wetland wildlife areas. One of the most important functions of the CWHP is to ensure that funds made available through the Public Resources Account (PRA) are expended in a manner consistent with the enabling legislation and that these funds are directed to areas of demonstrated need which will result in the maximum benefit to wetland resources. The vast majority of the support funds are used to purchase water from irrigation districts or power to use pumps and wells for wetland flooding; improve or replace water distribution facilities; acquire seed, cuttings, or potted plants for restoration activities; control noxious weeds; and other activities needed to maintain diverse wetland ecosystems.

Wetland Restoration and Enhancement Projects

The CWHP expends approximately $500,000 per year of wetland capital outlay funds to restore and enhance wetlands on CDFW's lands. These projects construct water distribution systems to allow managers to mimic natural wetland hydrology; contour previously leveled lands to provide diverse water depths, channels, swales, and islands; and restore natural vegetation.

WLB 2/2015
tractor in field

Levee construction as part of a wetland restoration project in Merced County

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