California Landowner Incentive Program

Providing beneficial habitat for at-risk species on California private lands


The Central Valley is extremely important to a host of federally threatened or endangered species, including the giant garter snake, valley elderberry longhorn beetle, San Joaquin kit fox, and willow flycatcher. Despite this importance, estimates indicate that California has lost nearly 95% of its original riparian habitat, 90% of its wetlands and 60% of its grasslands to various sources of habitat alteration. These losses affect wildlife by changing the function of the landscapes they depend on to feed, reproduce and raise young.

With nearly 50% of California privately owned, landowners play a significant role in maintaining healthy, functioning ecosystems. However, private landowners face numerous challenges while managing these habitats, including battling invasive weeds, expensive maintenance costs, and lack of technical know-how. Given these conditions, it is extremely important that incentive-based programs are available to restore and manage private lands.


The Landowner Incentive Program (LIP) is an effort to reverse the decline of at-risk species on private lands in California's Central Valley. This is done by providing monetary incentives and technical assistance to private landowners to enhance and manage the region's three predominant historic habitat types: riparian, wetland, and native grassland.


LIP is funded by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the coordination of which has been contracted through Ducks Unlimited.


LIP now has two phases Phase 1 is designed to promote management of California's newly restored wetland, riparian and native grassland habitats on private lands. Phase 2 actively restores and manages riparian buffers on working agricultural lands. We are currently accepting applications for both phases.

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