Comprehensive Wetland Habitat Program

A Program for the Preservation, Restoration, and Enhancement of California's Wetlands

Program History

The Comprehensive Wetland Habitat Program (CWHP) was established in 1990 in response to the nationwide groundswell of interest in wetland preservation, restoration, and enhancement. The CWHP provides coordination, direction, and funding for many of CDFW's wetland habitat programs and activities. Although the responsibilities of the CWHP extend statewide, the program is focused primarily on the Central Valley.

Wetland Habitat Activities

Wetland habitat preservation and enhancement are accomplished primarily through technical and financial assistance, participation on key wetland steering committees such as the Central Valley Joint Venture, and the authoring and distribution of current wetland management information. The CWHP works on both public and private wetlands in partnership with numerous conservation organizations, state and federal agencies, and private landowners. The following programs are implemented by the CWHP on an annual basis:

Other Information

WLB 2/2015
aerial photo of Los Banos Wildlife Area

Seasonal wetlands at Los Banos Wildlife Area

Contact Information

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Comprehensive Wetland Habitat Program
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