Abalone Recovery and Management Plan: List of Figures

Figure 1-1 (PDF)
Map of California with project regions, islands, and points used in text

Figure 1-2 (PDF)
The geographic distribution of abalone species in California

Figure 2-1 (PDF)
Emergent red abalone surveys - Van Damme State Park 1986-1999

Figure 2-2 (PDF)
Red abalone catch, density, and number per hour from northern, central, and southern California mainland, and four Channel Islands

Figure 3-1 (PDF)
Commercial landings (metric tons) of California abalone fishery combined, and by red, pink, green, black, and white abalones

Figure 3-2 (PDF)
Landings for red, pink, green, black, and white abalones

Figure 5-1 (PDF)
Conceptual approach for recovery and management under the ARMP

Figure 6-1 (PDF)
Conceptual framework for the recovery approach

Figure 6-2 (PDF)
Flowchart of the recovery approach

Figure 6-3 (PDF)
Marine Protected Areas in the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary

Figure 7-1 (PDF)
Northern California recreational abalone fishery creel survey sites

Figure 7-2 (PDF)
The flow chart of the recovery approach revised to reflect a limited fishing alternative