Central Region CAEP: Teacher Workshop Schedule

Start participating in the program by attending a free workshop!

The Salmonids in the Classroom (SIC) teacher workshops give teachers the tools they need to hatch salmon or trout in their classrooms and then release the fish into the wild. The goal of this program is for the students to learn to be stewards of the watersheds in which they live.

The program can be used in pre-K through college level, and it works very well with Common Core and the Next Generation Science Standards.

Equipment, if it is available, will be lent to you. Many teachers obtain grant money or funding through other sources for the equipment that is needed.

Teachers new to the Classroom Aquarium Education Program must attend a workshop before participating. Workshops will cover program basics, equipment set up, and ideas for teaching the program in the classroom and on your field trip.

2019 workshop schedule will be posted soon, please check web page again the first of September.

rainbow trout illustration, courtesy of USFWS

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