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Summer is coming & Gyotaku-Fish printing
  • July 11, 2019

Gyotaku video. Link opens in new window.

Hello! Summer is is full swing! The weather is warm (or hot perhaps). Here is a fun and simple activity for your consideration next year. Any suggestions or things you would like to share please let us know.

Gyotaku, or ‘fish – stone impression’ is a traditional Japanese art of printing fish. It was used in the mid 1800’s for fishermen to record their catches. This is a fun activity to get your students excited about raising fish in their classroom. You can use your own store bought fish or find rubber stamps online like the ones we use.

Workshops are scheduled, click to sign up!

SPONSORS: Check out the workshop dates and let us know what dates you would like to help out.



p.s. At the end of each post we will include a table with a brief glance of where each run/fish are at on their annual timeline.

Fish Rearing Timeline

Fish Off-Season Certify Application Tank Delivery Care Release Permit Return Notes
Feather/Sac Riv. Chinook X                
Mokelumne Riv. Chinook X                
American Riv. Steelhead X                
Feather Riv. Steelhead X                
Lake Tahoe LCT X                
Plumas County RT X                
Amador/Calaveras RT X                
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