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  • May 28, 2019
steelhead eggs

Hello teachers and ‘spawnsors’! We are kicking off our monthly (mostly and hopefully wink) newsletters to keep you updated and in the loop with all things steelhead eggs in foam cuphappening in our program. We want to better equip you all with useful knowledge, resources, ideas and information to enhance, enrich and engage your students with the fish in your classroom.

steelhead eggs

Just as the eggs hatching in your classroom are the start of something new...this blog is the start of something new as well. CAEP staff will do our best to make sure "conditions are right" for this newly hatched effort to survive and thrive. Similar to your classrooms the excitement, participation, and contribution of all increase the chances of success. Now that I think about this analogy. I probably should've picked something different considering the low survival rate of the anadromous fish we raise. frownOh well...we'll be the one, right!

We will post important dates, application/permit reminders, featured videos, interesting articles, and relevant lessons. If you have any awesome resources to share, please email us at Thanks!

More to come soon...-RM

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