Inland Fishing Closures


On April 18, 2016, the Fish and Game Commission adopted regulations which grant CDFW authority to temporarily close fisheries experiencing degraded environmental conditions that may affect fish populations or their habitat within waters of the state.

To ensure that fisheries are protected under critical conditions stemming from the drought, CDFW has established a set of triggers to guide fishing closure and reopening decisions. The CDFW’s decision to close or open a water will be based on the most current information available, collected by professional staff trained in the associated fields. Criteria for evaluating aquatic conditions are based on site-specific monitoring efforts with an emphasis on listed fish species, species of special concern, and gamefish.

Current Fishing Closures

There are no emergency fishing closures at this time. 

In addition to this website, fishing closure information can be obtained by calling the Fishing Closure Hotline at (916) 445-7600.