Fishing Passport - Reasons to Participate - Why Fish?

Fishing is one of America's favorite outdoor recreational pastimes.

The California Fishing Passport Program is grounded in the belief that fishing offers an excellent opportunity to spend quality time with family and create lifelong memories.

Getting out on the water helps reduce stress and makes people feel good.

Fishing enhances appreciation for the natural world.

Studies show that nine in 10 Americans believe outdoor recreation benefits the environment because it gives people a reason to care about the resources upon which their activities depend.

By participating, anglers provide vital funding.

Fewer than 10 percent of recreational anglers are aware that their participation plays a vital role in sustaining resources and promoting safe and responsible use of our nation's waters (Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation). CDFW's freshwater and aquatic resource management budget is largely supported by fishing license sales and Sport Fish Restoration funds. These funds are derived from motorboat fuel taxes and a special excise tax on fishing tackle and equipment.

Getting Kids Involved

Children need to get off the couch and re-ignite their innate sense of curiosity and awe in nature.

Being out on the water fishing provides an excellent opportunity to teach kids new things about the environment and fishing and boating safety skills.

Kids enjoy feeling included and there isn't a better way to instill responsibility in children than by teaching them how to fish.

Time spent fishing connects family and friends.

Fishing is something everyone can do and learning to fish is half the fun.

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