CDFW’s Response to Renewable Energy Development in California

The State of California and CDFW recognize the importance of renewable energy as a means for reducing carbon emissions, minimizing reliance on imported foreign oil, maintaining clean air and water, and supporting future economic growth. CDFW’s Renewable Energy Program was created to help facilitate these goals for all Californians while maintaining California’s diverse natural resources. CDFW’s Renewable Energy Program is responsible for coordinating and performing a variety of tasks related to environmental review of proposed renewable energy projects. These tasks include reviewing environmental project documents prepared pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), and providing comments and recommendations to fulfill CDFW’s trustee and responsible agency obligations under CEQA. The Renewable Energy Program also ensures compliance with and issues permits under the California Endangered Species Act (CESA), issues lake or streambed alteration agreements pursuant to Fish and Game Code sections 1600-1616, and meets the requirements of the Natural Community Conservation Planning Act, Fish and Game Code section 2800, et seq.

Renewable Energy Action Team (REAT): The Renewable Energy Program is an integral part of the REAT that was created under link opens in new tab or windowExecutive Order S-14-08. The main purpose of the REAT is to create a streamlined process for renewable energy permitting and to reduce impacts from renewable energy development. Dozens of new wind and solar energy facilities have been proposed on both private and federal land, making the Executive Order a very timely proclamation that will accelerate the permitting process for much needed green energy sources. REAT partners include:

We encourage project developers to coordinate with us early in their project planning process by contacting their regional office.

Legislation and Policy


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